About Susan Linss

Growing up a descendant of Persian royalty and as the daughter of a celebrated fine artist in a household where art, culture and tradition were at the forefront has unsurprisingly given designer Susan Linss an elevated artistic taste. A relentless work ethic sustains this talent, and for over 20 years Linss has had her finger on the pulse of the highest levels of art, fashion and design. As a Production Designer, she redefined the aesthetic of hip hop and pop music videos throughout the 90's and 2000's, working closely with the likes of Hype Williams, Kanye West, Notorious B.I.G., Diddy, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott, and an endless list of iconic artists and directors. Beyond the music video medium, she's also established a lengthy list of brands for clients such as the Cosmopolitan Hotel, ESPN, Target, Neiman Marcus, La Perla and Dancing with the Stars to name a few. Linss also was the Production Designer on the award -winning British documentary Seven Songs for Malcolm X. Acclaimed artist and cinematographer Arthur Jafa brought her on the project and has been her mentor and friend since.

Linss was a close collaborator of Kanye West from 2003-2008 and then project to project after. Linss was instrumental in shaping his style and image, expanding his knowledge and horizons creatively. Linss has created visual worlds for those who have played a major role in shifting their respective cultures.

Linss additionally went back to her college, The School of Visual Arts, this time as a teacher. Presenting her students with projects beyond their wildest imaginings (photo shoots with Q-Tip and Louis Vuitton). It came as no surprise her class had become one of the most sought - after in visual arts education.

Linss believes that art should be made to evoke emotion and that there are no limits to what can be achieved, and her career thus reflects that.

"Nothing is impossible"